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Hi! Welcome to Often Charming!

I’m a traditional but modern girl who believes in the importance of hand-written notes and honoring the past while keeping up with current trends. I love all the little gadgets that make our lives easier, but I insist on mailing invitations to parties and writing thank you cards for gifts.

Parties, yes! We love to host friends for all sorts of reasons, even silly ones we invent, like Mr. Bear’s Birthday Party. It’s about sharing our life and home with those we love, even if the kitchen is messy and there are dust bunnies in the corners. Taking care of people and making life special is such a simple thing. There are a million ways to do it, and I will share my favorites with you here on this blog. I hope you find them helpful, and fun.

My husband told me once that my “love language” is Acts of Service. I show I care for people through the things I do for them. Being the creative type, this often means I cook, bake, or craft something for you. I care for my family by trying to make our little nest comfortable and pretty, and as clean as time and real life will allow. It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t have to be.

I’m blessed with an amazing little girl at the center of my life. Kids are such a miracle, and motherhood is an adventure best shared. I’m happy to share that journey with you here.

This blog is dedicated to everyone out there in search of projects, recipes, and ideas for people with busy lives.  You can do it. It’s easy when you know how.  I’ll show you.


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